December 13, 2017:

Minister of Education, Youth and Information Senator Ruel Reid has welcomed news that the Early Childhood Commission has now certified 100 Early Childhood Institutions (ECIs).  These ECIs have attained 100% of the legal performance criteria under the Commission’s 12 Operating Standards.

“This is an excellent development. We will continue to work closely with the Early Childhood Commission to ensure that more of our basic schools and infant departments meet the required standards,” Senator Reid said.


Ruel Reid, Education Minister.

The Standards cover staffing, appropriate development programmes, positive interaction with the children, parents and community, the physical environment of the schools, indoor and outdoor equipment, health, nutrition, safety, upholding children’s rights, administration and finance.

“This push for better standards among institutions that serve children is a recognition that the health and well-being of our most vulnerable should be at the forefront of public policy,” Senator Reid added.

The major focus now is the certification of Infant Schools and Infant Departments and the ECC will be targeting 139 ECIs.  This amount includes three Infant Schools, 31 Infant Departments, 76 Basic Schools and 29 Prep and Kinder Institutions.

The ECC team is also working closely to raise compliance among the 137 Infant Schools and Departments that have still not applied for a Certificate of Registration with the Commission.

Certified Early Childhood Institutions

# Parish ECI Name
1 St. James Buckingham Primary & Infant
2 KSA Crayon College ECDC 1
3 St. James Bright Horizon ECI
4 KSA Cynthia Shako ECE & Day Care
5 St. Ann Ebenezer Methodist Basic School
6 KSA Kids of Vision Preparatory
8 KSA The Learning Cottage
9 KSA Junior World Learning & Activity Centre
10 St. James The Learning Tree Pre-School
11 St. James Glendevon Primary & Infant
12 St. James Hemmingay Pre & Kindergarten
13 St. James National Housing Trust After Care
14 St. James NEST Education
15 Hanover Logwood Basic School
16 Westmoreland Happy Hearts ECI
17 Westmoreland Risen Messiah ECI
18 Westmoreland Bluefields Basic School
19 Portland St. Margaret’s Bay Basic School
20 Trelawny Spicy Hill Basic School
21 St. James Mavis Allen Basic School
22 Hanover The Salvation Army Arthur Wint
23 Trelawny Stephen James Basic School
24 St. Catherine Genesis Day Care & Learning Centre
25 Hanover Hopewell CDC Basic School
26 St. Catherine Marlin Avenue Basic School
27 KSA Obistan Preparatory School
28 KSA Fundaciones Limited
30 KSA Future Leaders Care & Learning Centre #2
31 Manchester Broadleaf Basic School
32 Kingston and St. Andrew Jamaica House Basic School
33 Westmoreland Cedar Valley ECI
34 St. Ann Union Basic School
35 Trelawny James Edwards Basic School
36 Kingston and St. Andrew Providence Methodist Basic School
37 Kingston and St. Andrew Future Leaders 1
38 Kingston and St. Andrew Crayon College 2
39 Kingston and St. Andrew Hillel Academy
40 Kingston and St. Andrew Kid City
41 Westmoreland York Hill ECI
42 St. James A+ Academy of Excellence
43 St. James The Play Centre
44 St. Catherine Exceed Daycare and Kindergarten
45 St. Catherine Ebony Vale Baptist Basic School
46  St. Ann Mile End Basic School
47 Clarendon Mineral Heights Christian Kinder Prep/Basic School
48 Kingston and St. Andrew Building Blocks Learning Centre
49 Hanover Haughton Grove Basic School
50 Clarendon Hazard Drive Basic School
51 St. James Emerald Prep & Kinder
52 Manchester Barbara E. Lee Hing Banana Ground Basic School
53 St. Ann Fern Grove Basic School
54 Trelawny Falmouth Gardens Basic School
55 Portland  Angies ECI
56 Hanover Santoy Basic School
57 St. James Montego Bay Christian Academy
58 Kingston and St. Andrew JMMB Nursery
59 Kingston and St. Andrew It Takes a Village
60 Kingston and St. Andrew Rainbow Land Learning Centre
61 Kingston and St. Andrew Charles Chin-Loy Basic School
62 Westmoreland Supreme Kidz
63 St. Catherine Unity Basic School
64 Kingston and St. Andrew St.  Martin DePorres
65 Kingston and St. Andrew St.  Richards Basic School
66 Westmoreland Whithorn ECI
67 Kingston and St. Andrew Regent Street SDA
68 St. Catherine Cotton Piece Basic School
69 St. Elizabeth Dunkleys Basic School
70 Manchester Royal Flat Basic School
71 Manchester Mt. St. Joseph Kindergarten
72 Kingston & St Andrew St. Paul’s United
73 St. Mary Liberty Learning Centre
74 Kingston and St. Andrew Maranatha Basic School
75 Manchester El Instituto De Mandevilla
76 St. Elizabeth Sandy Bank ECI
77 St. Mary Belfield Basic School
78 Manchester May Day Basic School
79 Kingston and St. Andrew Sunrise ECDC
80 Kingston and St. Andrew Union Gardens Infant
81 St. Catherine Bellas Gate Basic School
82 Westmoreland Shrewsbury ECI
83 Westmoreland Bunch of Stars ECI
84 St. Catherine The Children’s Centre Inc.
85 Westmoreland Bright Stars Academy
86 Portland Fairfield Infant
87 KSA Alpha Infant
88 Hanover Kendal Basic School
89 KSA St. Michael’s Infant
90 Clarendon Evelyn Mitchell Infant
91 Clarendon Four Paths Basic School
92 St. James Vaughansfield Infant
93 KSA Little Einstein Learning Centre
94 St. Mary Gayle COC
95 St. Ann Kinder Care Academy
96 St. Elizabeth Accompong Basic School
97 St. Ann New Generation Basic School
98 St. Thomas Yallahs Basic School
99 St. James Eber Kindergarten
100 Hanover Bethel Infant School