The Early Childhood Commission is now accepting Salary Subsidy applications
for New, Replacement and Upgrade applicants. Salary Subsidy applications can
be found here on the website.

Applications for New and Replacement Early Childhood Practitioners
must include the below original documents, along with a copy of:
 Educational Qualifications
 Birth Certificate
 Marriage Certificate – if applicable
 Decree Absolute (Divorce) – if applicable
 National ID
 TRN Card
 NIS Card
 1 Passport Photograph (original only)
 2 Recommendations on ECC Form (original only)
 Résumé

Please note: Applications must be submitted to the Development Officer or
Early Childhood Development Services Supervisor. Incomplete applications will
not be accepted.
For further information, please contact Michelle Campbell, Sector Support
Services Director at 922-9296-7.