ECI Inspection Reports

Accompong Basic School (1.5M)
Adventist Basic School Clarendon (1.6M)
Aenon Town Early Childhood Institution (695.8k)
Alpha Infant (1.5M)
American Interenational School of Kingston (1.6M)
American International School Of Kingston (652.5k)
Amy Bailey (Model) Basic School (685.4k)
Ananda Marga Kinder Prep School (653.1k)
Anenon Town Early Childhood (1.6M)
Baby Grand E C I (654.8k)
Beckford Kraal Basic (1.5M)
Beckford Kraal Basic School (653.7k)
Beeston Spring E C I (662.4k)
Bellas Gate Basic (1.5M)
Bethany Ecdc (669.9k)
Bethel Bibleway Basic School (676.6k)
Bethel Born Again Basic (647.7k)
Bethel Infant (1.5M)
Bethel Infant School (652k)
Blackbern Learning Center (667.1k)
Blackbern Learning Centre (1.7M)
Bradford Basic School (681.5k)
Bright Star Academy (1.5M)
Broadleaf Basic School (655.6k)
Burke Road Basic St Andrew (669.9k)
Buttons & Bows Nursery & Pre School (1.5M)
Buttons And Bows Nursery & Pre School (661.1k)
Care Bear Early Childhood Development Centre #2 (673.6k)
Carl Thompson Basic School (671.2k)
Carmel Early Childhood Dev Centre (682.8k)
Carnival Ecdc (665.9k)
Catherine Hall Basic School (1.5M)
Cave Mountain E C I (655k)
Chantilly Early Childhood Institution Manchester (661.7k)
Cherub's Nursery E D Centre (650.7k)
Chester Castle Infant (1.5M)
Chubby Cheek Day Care and Pre School St Elizabeth (1.7M)
Church Of God Of Prophecy Basic St Andrew (648.7k)
Church Of The Apostles & Prophets Eci (657.3k)
Church of God Basic 30 Fernleigh (1.7M)
Church of Prophecy 26 Fernleigh (1.7M)
Church of Prophecy Basic 17 Fernleigh (1.7M)
Clare's Basic School (664.3k)
Cleveland Porter Early Childhood Institution Formerly Broughton Eci (656.7k)
Cooreville Gardens Basic (639.8k)
Cotton Piece ECDC (1.5M)
Cove ECI (1.7M)
Cove Early Childhood Institution (656.3k)
Cross Basic School (658.8k)
Curatoe Hill Basic (1.7M)
Curlin Johnson Basic (647.1k)
Czars Early Childhood Learning Centre (1.6M)
Dunkleys Basic School (1.7M)
Early Achievers Learning Centre (1.6M)
Ebenezer Eci (680.6k)
Eber Kinder & Preparatory (1.5M)
Ecclesia School (651.4k)
End Time Basic School (681.2k)
Essex Preparation and Advancement Centre (1.7M)
Evans Basic School (649.4k)
Evelyn Mitchel Infant (1.5M)
Evelyn Mitchell Infant (637k)
Fairfield Primary & Infant (1.5M)
Fearon Church of God in Christ Basic School (1.6M)
Flower Hill Basic (661.5k)
Four Path Basic (1.5M)
Four Paths Basic (1.7M)
Four Paths Basic School (649k)
Foursquare Basic School St Andrew (653.1k)
Full Life Ecdc (643.6k)
Future Pioneers Christian Academy (678.7k)
Galilee Basic School King (642.1k)
Gayle Church of Christ Basic (1.5M)
Gems Of Tomorrow Nursery, Pre School & Aftercare (659.8k)
Gibbs Town (1.6M)
Glenmore Early Childhood Centre (679.7k)
Goodwill Early Childhood Learning Centre (1.7M)
Grace Early Childhood Institution (1.7M)
Grace Hibbert Basic School (651.1k)
Gravel Hill Basic (1.7M)
Great Little Treasures Christian EC Academy (1.7M)
Hagley Park Prep (649.2k)
Happy Hearts Eci West (633k)
Hazard Drive Basic Report 2016 (1.6M)
Hazard Drive Basic School (635.1k)
Hebron Basic (1.7M)
Hebron Basic School (676.3k)
Heroes Circle Sda Basic (678.7k)
Higholborn Street Basic School (680.7k)
Holiness Basic School (642.5k)
Holy Trinity Basic (674.8k)
Hope Basic School (1.7M)
Hopewell CDC (1.6M)
Ina Murdock Basic School (671.9k)
Jericho Primary And Infant (661.4k)
Jones Town Ecdc (Formerly Jones Town Basic School) (654.3k)
Joy Town Learning Centre (665.7k)
Kendal Basic School (1.5M)
Kids Choice Kinder Prep (682.8k)
Kidz In Paradise Learning & Dev Centre (674.3k)
Kidz Kastle Nursery & Learning Centre (675.6k)
Kidz World Early Childhood Centre (644.8k)
Kinder Care Academy (1.5M)
Kingston Public Hospital Vjh Day Care (682.9k)
Lalyce Gray Eci (664.4k)
Laurel's Ecdc (647.4k)
Little Busy Bees Nursery & Pre School (678k)
Little Castle Pre School & Daycare (1.7M)
Little Einstein Learning Centre (1.6M)
Little Einsteins (1.5M)
Little Faith Day Care and Pre School (1.6M)
Little Folks Eci (675.8k)
Little Gifts' Nursery Pre School After Care (681.3k)
Little World ECC (1.7M)
Logwood Basic (1.6M)
Luna Basic School (661.9k)
May Day Basic (1.5M)
Mearnsville Primary & Infant School (676.3k)
Mineral Heights Christian Kinder Prep (1.6M)
Ministry Of Labour And Social Security (668.1k)
Mocho Road Basic (1.5M)
Mocho Road Basic School (693.7k)
Mother's Care Learning Centre (684.2k)
Nadz Kidz World Eci (677.7k)
National Water Commission (1.6M)
New Generation Day Care & Learning Centre (1.5M)
New Town Phase 1 Basic (1.5M)
New Town Phase 1 Basic School (658.6k)
Nine Turns Basic School (679.4k)
One Accord Basic (1.5M)
One Accord Basic School (663.4k)
Operation Friendship Basic School (1.6M)
Pass Side Basic School (679k)
Passion Basic and Day Care (1.7M)
Pentab Basic School (666.1k)
Pleasant Hill Basic (1.7M)
Pondside Primary & Infant School (658k)
Prime Time ECI (1.6M)
Prophecy Basic Frasers Content (1.7M)
Quality Care Nursery Centre (649.8k)
Queenhythe Basic School (1.5M)
Race Course Church of Christ Basic School (1.2M)
Regent Street Sda Basic School (648.9k)
Reliance Basic School (1.6M)
Ritchies Basic (1.6M)
Rocky Hill E C I (648.8k)
Ruth Early Childhood Centre (1.1M)
S And S Daycare Pre School & Homework Centre (662.8k)
Sandy Bay Basic (363.2k)
Sandy Bay S D A Kindergarten (638.6k)
Sanguinetti Basic School (1.7M)
Seventh Day Basic School (668.4k)
Seymour Almon Basic (1.7M)
Shady Grove Basic St Elizabeth (1.2M)
Shaoma ECI (1.6M)
Shrewsbury ECI (1.5M)
Smart Kids Early Childhood Centre (714.1k)
Smithfield Basic School (1.6M)
Solomon Levy (1.6M)
Solomon Levy Basic (667k)
St Barnabas Basic School (675.4k)
St Mark's Basic School (679.1k)
St Michael's Infant (1.5M)
St Paul's Chapelton (1.6M)
St Philomena Basic (1.6M)
St Philomena Basic School (647.4k)
St Richard's Ec Education Centre (668k)
St Steven's Basic School (1.7M)
Staines EC & Preparatory Report (1.6M)
Sterling Eci West (645.9k)
Sunrise ECDC (1.5M)
TLC Day Care & Pre School (1.5M)
The Children's Centre Inc (1.5M)
The Salvation Army Arthur Wint (1.6M)
Time and Patience Basic School (1.7M)
Tiny Angels Basic School (676.2k)
Tiny Hands Educare (1.6M)
Union Gardens Infant (1.5M)
Unity Basic (1.7M)
Upper Rock Spring All Age & Infant (1.5M)
Vaughansfield Primary and Infant (1.5M)
Victoria Basic School (1.6M)
Vision Plus E C I (645.3k)
Wesleyan Basic School (650.9k)
White Road Basic School (705.3k)
Whytes Pre School & Kindergarten (1.7M)
Wilbert Stewart Basic (675.1k)
Wood Hall Basic (1.7M)
Woodland Basic School Hano (667k)
Yallahs Basic School (1.5M)
Young Achievers ECI (1.7M)