Brain Builder Centres

CountName of InstitutionMOE Region / Constituency
1Constitution Hill Prim. & InfantR1: St. Andrew East Rural
2Jamaica China Goodwill InfantR1: St. Andrew West Central
3St. Michael’s InfantR1: Kingston Central
4St. Richard’s Infant & Pre-SchoolR1: St. Andrew North Central
5Boundbrook Primary & InfantR2: Portland Eastern
6Dalvey Primary and InfantR2: St. Thomas Eastern
7Jamaica China Goodwill Infant #2R2: St. Mary Western
8Mason Hill PrimaryR2: St. Mary Western
9Rural Hill Primary & InfantR2: Portland Eastern
10Tranquility Primary & InfantR2: Portland Western
11Bounty Hall Primary & InfantR3: Trelawny Northern
12Chester Primary & InfantR3: St. Ann North Western
13Free Hill Infant DeptR3: St. Ann North Western
14Gibraltar All-Age & InfantR3: St. Ann South Western
15Grants Mountain Primary & InfantR3: St. Ann South Western
16Hampden Primary & InfantR3: Trelawny Northern
17Liberty Hill InfantR3: St. Ann North Western
18Runaway Bay All-Age & InfantR3: St. Ann North Western
19St. Ann’s Bay InfantR3: St. Ann North Eastern
20Salt Marsh InfantR3: Trelawny Northern
21Spring Garden Primary & InfantR3: Trelawny Southern
22Stephen James Infant (formerly Basic)R3: Trelawny Northern
23Wakefield Primary & InfantR3: Trelawny Northern
24York Castle Primary & InfantR3: St. Ann South Eastern
25Bethel InfantR4: Hanover Eastern
26Cornwall Mountain InfantR4: Westmoreland Central
27Friendship Primary & Infant R4: Westmoreland Western
28Goodwill Primary & Infant R4: St. James East Central
29Mount Herman Infant Dept.R4: Westmoreland Eastern
30St. Simon’s Infant R4: Hanover Western
31Seaford Town Infant Dept.R4: Westmoreland Eastern
32Springfield Primary & InfantR4: St. James Southern
33Mandeville InfantR5: Manchester Central
34Middlesex InfantR5: St. Elizabeth North Western
35Bridgeport InfantR6: St. Catherine South Eastern
36Watermount Primary & InfantR6: St. Catherine West Central
37Planters Hall Infant Dept.R6: St. Catherine North Western
38Mount Providence Primary & InfantR7: North Central Clarendon
39Arnold Road Methodist BasicR1: St. Andrew South Eastern
40Auburn BasicR1: St. Andrew Western
41Bethel BasicR1: St. Andrew East Rural
42Bethel United BasicR1: Central Kingston
43Branches of the Vine Nursery & Pre-SchoolR1: St. Andrew North Western
44Care Bear ECDCR1: St. Andrew South Western#1
45Charles Chin Loy ECDCR1: Kingston Western #1
46Elim ECDC R1: St. Andrew North East
47Eric Malcolm BasicR1: St. Andrew West Rural
48Evelyn Peterkin Basic R1: West Rural St. Andrew
49Four Campbell’s Academy R1: St. Andrew West Central
50Future Glow Learning Centre R1: St. Andrew South Western
51Galilee BasicR1: Kingston East & Port Royal
52Glenmore EC CentreR1: Kingston Central
53Halibethian ECCR1: Kingston Western
54Herrick BasicR1: St. Andrew Western
55Hortense Salmon ECIR1: Central Kingston
56Islaamiyah BasicR1: Kingston Central
57Little Scholars AcademyR1: West Rural St. Andrew
58Little Tots ECCR1: St. Andrew Southern
59Majesty Gardens Learning CentreR1: St. Andrew South Western
60Marie Atkins BasicR1: St. Andrew Western
61Minna Carr BasicR1: St. Andrew North Eastern
62Mount Ogle ECIR1: West Rural St. Andrew
63Mount Salus BasicR1: West Rural St. Andrew
64National Baptist BasicR1: South St. Andrew
65New Baby Grand Dev. CentreR1: St. Andrew East Central
66Padmore ECCR1: St. Andrew West Rural
67Port Royal ECIR1: Kingston East & Port Royal
68Reg Keiz Memorial BasicR1: St. Andrew North Central
69Regent Street SDA ECDC R1: Kingston Western
70Riverton Meadows ECC R1: St. Andrew Western
71Rock Hall Basic R1: West Rural St. Andrew
72Shortwood United Church Basic R1: St. Andrew North Eastern
73Small Fry Nursery and Learning CentreR1: St. Andrew Western
74Sunrays Educational CentreR1: St. Andrew North Central
75Tower Hill Missionary ECIR1: St. Andrew West Central
76Trench Town SDA BasicR1: South St. Andrew
77Vouch Foundation Mary Issa Nursery & PreschoolR1: Kingston Western
78Devon Pen BasicR2: St. Mary South Eastern
79Hart Hill BasicR2: Portland Western
80Ebenezer Methodist BasicR3: St. Ann South Eastern
81Spicy Hill BasicR3: Trelawny Northern
82Tennyson Palmer ECI R4: St. James North Western
83Barbara E Lee Hing Banana Ground BasicR5: Manchester Central
84Burnt Savannah ECIR5: St. Elizabeth North Eastern
85D’Franks ECIR5: Manchester North Western
86Elim ECIR5: North East St. Elizabeth
87First Step ECIR5: St. Elizabeth South Eastern
88Greenvale Anglican Basic and Day Care R5: North West Manchester
89Holy Cross BasicR5: Manchester Southern
90Lil’ Noble Kinder KareR5: South West St. Elizabeth
91Martha Simpson ECIR5: St. Elizabeth South Eastern
92Mike Town ECIR5: Manchester North Western
93Quality Kids Care KindergartenR5: Central Manchester
94Royal Flat BasicR5: Manchester Central
95St. Anthony BasicR5: Manchester North Western
96St. Joseph’s BasicR5: Manchester Southern
97Unipen ECIR5: North West Manchester
98Wiz Kidz Kindergarten & Day CareR5: Manchester North Western
99Alexander BasicR6: South West St. Catherine
100Angels ECDCR6: St. Catherine West Central
101Ascot BasicR6: St. Catherine Southern
102Bournes Little Angel Nursery & Pre-SchoolR6: St. Catherine North Western
103Christian GardensR6: St. Catherine East Central
104Clifton BasicR6: St. Catherine South Eastern
105Ebony Vale Baptist R6: St. Catherine West Central
106Elim ECDCR6: St. Catherine Southern
107Faith Mission ECDC R6: South East St. Catherine
108Faith Temple EC Christian Academy R6: St. Catherine South Eastern
109Genesis Day Care and Learning CentreR6: St. Catherine South Eastern
110Glad Tidings ECDC R6: St. Catherine South Central
111Glowing Minds Day CareR6: St. Catherine Central
112Grace ECI R6: North St. Catherine
113Guys Hill Basic R6: St. Catherine North Eastern
114Hill Top Basic R6: St. Catherine North Central
115Kidz Kampuz Daycare & Pre-SchoolR6: North West St. Catherine
116Little People in Training Pre-School & NurseryR6: North West St. Catherine
117Mount Concord BasicR6: North Eastern St. Catherine
118Portsmouth BasicR6: South East St. Catherine
119Praise Kindergarten ECIR6: St. Catherine South Central
120Rodney’s Learning Centre R6: St. Cath South Western
121St. John’s Road BasicR6: St. Catherine South Central
122Time and PatienceR6: St. North West Catherine
123Wallens BasicR6: North East St. Catherine
124Annunciation ECIR7: Clarendon South Eastern
125Four Path BasicR7: Clarendon South Western
126Hazard Drive Basic R7: Clarendon Central
127Prime Time ECI R7: Clarendon Central
128Ritchies ECI R7: Clarendon North Western
129St. Philomena BasicR7: South East Clarendon
130York Town BasicR7: South Western Clarendon