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The Early Childhood Commission (ECC) was established by the Early Childhood Commission Act (2003), in keeping with the strategic goal of the Government of Jamaica to improve the quality of early childhood care, education and development within the early childhood sector.
13 07, 2016

Early Childhood Commission Certifies 17 Institutions

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The Early Childhood Commission (ECC) will celebrate a major milestone on Thursday, July 14 by hosting its first Certification Ceremony for Early Childhood Institutions (ECIs) that have attained the required standards for operation.

6 06, 2016

ECC Streamlines Process for Registration of Institutions

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The Early Childhood Commission (ECC) has taken steps to restructure its registration process to better enable all early childhood institutions (ECIs) to meet the required standards for operation. Registrar at the ECC, Marlene Turner, will head [...]

26 05, 2016

Zika Virus – National Clean Up Day

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The Ministry of Health has heightened its alert for the introduction of the Zika Virus to Jamaica. The Ministry of Education as a result, is scaling up its response to ensure that all educational institutions take the necessary steps to prevent and/or prepare for the imminent threat of the Zika Virus into the island.

26 05, 2016

Early Childhood Development – Best Practices

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In 2004, principals from our partner schools — Bridgeport Infant School, Marlin Avenue Basic School, Portmore Daycare Centre, Silverstone Basic School and Sabina Basic Schools traveled to Toronto on a study tour. During the tour we began discussions along with members of the Early Childhood Commission and the Ministry of Education and Youth about the creation of a Best Practices document.

26 05, 2016

Complete Operation Standards Document for Early Childhood Institutions

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Early childhood describes the period in a child’s life between birth and eight years of age. It is the most rapid period of development in human life and a child’s experience during this period has an enormous impact on the health, cognitive development, educational attainment, socialisation and productivity of older children and adults.

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