August 3, 2018:

The Early Childhood Commission is the recipient of a US $83,000 grant from the Organization of American States (OAS) to create a Child Care Education and Health Development Integration System (CCEHDIS) which facilitates the exchange of data within ECC’s 5 independent software applications created on separate databases.

CCEHDIS will see the integration of the existing, ‘stand-alone’ databases and manage the vast amount of diverse yet interrelated data required to monitor the sector. It is anticipated that the system will provide enhanced multi-sectoral programming by allowing actual data to drive the coordination and improvement of existing sectoral development objectives. More importantly, CCEHDIS will provide a database focused on the integration and convergence of existing sector partnerships. The goal is to design a robust and secure IT environment to house government data within the fast growing technological space.

The CCEHDIS system represents an advanced step in ECC’s data management capabilities with short- to long-term benefits. These include an increased level of public access to information, identification of children at risk for health, nutrition and developmental delays, access to screening and diagnostic results, increased access to quality early childhood development programmes and services and facilitate online registration of ECIs.

Monique Pryce
Communications Manager
Early Childhood Commission
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