June 28, 2018:

The Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund is contributing JMD 50 million through the Early Childhood Commission to assist Infant Schools and Infant Departments to become compliant.

The money will enable the provision of the best learning environments for children and is geared towards the purchase of age-appropriate learning materials, indoor and outdoor equipment, furnishing and supplies. The contribution is in keeping with Jamaica’s National Strategic Plan for Early Childhood Development and to assist the country to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by creating safer environments for our children.

An additional $22 million has been earmarked for the purchase and installation of smart interactive/modern teaching equipment. This is to aid with creating smart technology-driven teaching and learning space for children using modern interactive equipment which will stimulate the different ways/methods of learning namely: visual, aural, verbal and physical.

Additionally, this will eliminate dust and toxin created from using the traditional chalk and marker. The teachers will have more participation from the infants as they engage in fun and learning simultaneously. This intervention is geared toward embracing the use of technology which reflects the path and movement of modern society.

In addition, this will support the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information’s Tablets in School Programme as each child can connect wirelessly to the smart system with individual tablets.
The Early Childhood Commission is appreciative of the assistance provided by CHASE Fund in providing quality Early Childhood Development services to enable the children of Jamaica to reach their full potential.

Monique Pryce
Communications Manager
Early Childhood Commission
1-876-499-2303/ 922-9296