Yallahs Basic SchoolThe school is a single storey concrete structure with zinc roof. It is in the shape of a quadrangle with the Yallahs Resource Centre and the Parish library closing it. There are six (6) classrooms with adjoining bathrooms, a multi-purpose room, a computer lab, kitchen with bathroom, pantry and storeroom, and the principal’s quarters which consist of two (2) bathrooms, a book room, sick bay and an office. In the middle of the quadrangle is a small garden with ducks and a play area with slides and a see-saw. The school is completely fenced.Address:  Knightsville, Yallahs P.O., St. Thomas

Operator: Skeeter Davis-Davids

Telephone: 508-0464

Email: yallashbasic@gmail.com / sktr_dvs@yahoo.comNEEDS:

  • Additional light
  • Surface for the play area
  • Additional classroom space/ ply board to create partition in lunch room for classroom
  • Six additional teacher to satisfy the teacher pupil ratio of 1:10
  • Additional developmentally appropriate toys