The census of Early Childhood Institutions (ECIs) in Jamaica is an annual activity carried out by the Early Child Commission (ECC) to ensure information on institutions and those working in the sector is accurate and current. It is the aim of the ECC to ensure its planning, policy- and decision-making are data-driven.  Knowing, too, that there are several national and international interests that depend on the accuracy of information provided by the ECC to take decisions that will impact the sector further underscores the need for the ECI Census.  The full participation of all ECIs and their workers is vital.

Data collection instruments consist of two (2) forms (scroll to bottom of page to download forms).

1. ECI Data Collection Form

 To be completed by the individual with information pertinent to the operation of your ECI (e.g. Owner/Operator, Principal, or Senior Administrator)

 One form to be completed per institution

 The ECI representative must also present the student attendance register(s) for verification of enrollment data when submitting the completed form.

2. Staff Data Collection Form

 To be completed by each individual working at the school, including volunteers.  For example, if there are five (5) persons working at your school, 5 forms (one form per person) are to be filled in and submitted to the ECC Development Officer or Inspector.

 The ECI representative must present originals as well as photocopies of relevant certificates for verification of each person’s qualifications when submitting the completed form.  If these documents have been submitted in the past, the receipt(s) must be presented as evidence of this.

The process involves three major steps, outlined in the diagram below.



Please take careful note of the collection date and location assigned to your Zone in the relevant table below.  If you are unsure of the Zone to which your ECI belongs, please contact your ECC Development Officer or the Research Unit at (876)618-2769/(876)506-8390 or via email at Data collection schedules are also posted on this site. Other questions and concerns relating to the Census may also be directed to either of these parties.  Please be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) sheet provided at the bottom of this page.  The answer to your question may already be there.

Please note, that as the ECC adopts a paperless policy, Census 2019-20 data collection process is entirely online. The census forms can be completed using any devices with internet connection or data, including, cell phones, tablets, laptop or personal computer. The links below, when individually clicked, will open a specific data collection form. Please ensure that you are filling out the correct data collection form before it is submitted. Forms can be edited once submitted. If you believe an error was made during the completion of the form, you can click the “edit your response” link to correct those errors. If you are completing forms for multiple individuals, you can use the “submit another response” link to complete a new form.

Finally, understanding that data collection is crucial to the development of the early childhood sector, we ask everyone to encourage all ECI operators, principals, teachers/practitioners, administrators, cooks, janitors, and even volunteers to participate in the Census.

We, the ECC, remain unshaken in our belief that progress within the early childhood sector is synonymous with national growth and development.  We need your help to continue the steady progress in building the EC sector in Jamaica.


Useful Links

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