West Retreat BasicThe building is housed in a concrete structure with zinc roof. The roof is sealed with ply. There are two classrooms, a sick bay, a kitchen and three bathrooms (including one for staff).   There is an outdoor play area with a jungle gym and swings.  The school is completely fenced.Address: West Retreat District, Fellowship P.O., Portland

Operator: Jacqueline Bonnick

Telephone: 402-4730 / 348-3219

Email: jacquelinebonnick@yahoo.comNEEDS:

  • Surfacing for the play area
  • Covered area to prove shade in the outdoor play area
  • Material-ply board to create an administrative area
  • Water tank
  • Additional light
  • One doors to separate each classrooms
  • Sleeping devices for children
  • Additional developmentally appropriate toys
  • Painting