Golden Valley All Age & Infant SchoolAddress: Tom’s River, Castleton P.O.

Operator: Joylyn Roberts

Telephone: 942-0339/ 365-1818/ 383-7428


  • Police record is needed for 5 of 8 staff.
  • medical needed for 6 staff members.
  • food handlers permit is needed for 7 staff member.
  • Specific Training needed for all members of staff.
  • ECI Plans and Policies outstanding.
  • 1 additional support staff needed to maintain ratio.
  • Playground is currently being prepared, awaiting additional equipment from Giscombe Sports.
  • Standard 2 needs improvement (e.g: no antedotal records in place; 1 of the 2 lesson plans lacks content, while the other class had no lesson plan. light intensity is below the lux of 540).
  • Awaiting Fire and Public Health Certification.
  • The flooring is not solid throughout, as 1 of the classroom has holes.
  • Sleeping devices are needed. Chemicals not properly stored.

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