Georges Valley Basic SchoolGeorges Valley Basic is located in the cool verdant hills of Manchester. The school was constructed by Food for the Poor in 2013. Like all Food For The Poor structures, it is made of sturdy wooden material and concrete floors with zinc roof. The facility consists of three (3) classrooms, one (1) bathroom. The bathroom has 3 stalls, 2 hand washing sinks and a shower area. There is also a canteen, a sick bay, staff bathroom, and an administrative office. The outdoor play area consists of a swing, slide and jungle gym. Beautiful flowers are planted along the exterior of the building to accentuate the environment. Inside this noble institution the creative nature of children come alive with innovative teachers, learning centres and indoor play time. The activities are created to meet the needs of each child in the specific age cohorts, and suitable to their varying abilities.Address: Georges Valley District, Manchester

 Operator: Ms. Deauvadine Francis

Telephone: 533-8429NEEDS:

  • Outdoor shade on the play area.
  • Storage areas to store early childhood resources and large equipment.
  • Safety surfacing on playground such as pea gravel or wood chips
  • Garbage receptacles with covers.
  • 3 teachers to meet the recommended practitioner: child ratios of 1:10.
  • Double hinges to allow doors to swing in the exit direction.

Georges Valley Basic School

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