Shortwood Practising Primary, Junior & Infant School

Address: 77 Shortwood Road, Kingston 8

Operator: Suelyn Ward-Brown

Telephone: 925-6619/355-2749/387-3473



  • Fixed asset register to be developed.
  • Municipal approval.
  • Fire certificate to be paid for and collected.
  • 4 additional caregivers are needed to maintain the practitioner child ratio.
  • Repairs to play equipment(remove protruding nails from wooden playhouse, replace wooden see-saw seat that is broken with splinters exposed, cover concrete base of all equipment).
  • Replenish pea gravel and remove large stones from playground.
  • Need one additional toilet . Standard 2 to be developed (classroom layout, leanring centres and improved Activity planning).
  • Refine plans and policies.
  • Approval of Fire safety plan by Fire Dept.
  • Renovate kitchen shelves and cupboards.
  • 2 practitioners need First Aid Training, 8 need OCR, 7 need PH.

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