Osbourne Store Infant DepartmentAddress: Osbourne Store, Clarendon South Western

Operator: Kamala Subarn

Telephone: 987-3247/987-3074/834-4323/329-6697/402-3820

Email: osbournestore.primary.cla@moey.gov.jm/liskam2@yahoo.comNEEDS:

  • Police records & medical are needed for three practitioners.
  • Three practitioners to be trained in paediatric first aid, four in OCR and three in public health.
  • Display the children’s work at their eye level.
  • Develop cleaning schedule for toys, other learning resources, linen and other bedding.
  • Ensure that the weekly schedule outline the activities for each day of the week.
  • Observe and record the children’s progress, interests and their daily experiences.
  • Formulate/complete the following plans and policies: corporal punishment, physical restraint, parental involvement, health and sanitation, nutrition, fire (to be approved by the fire department), and disaster.
  • Obtain approval from the Municipal Corporation and Public Health Department.
  • Ensure that the institution is self-sufficient during its operating hours.
  • Provide additional fans to reduce temperature in building.
  • Increase the light intensity in the classrooms and kitchen area.
  • The walls and ceilings are to be cleaned and painted.
  • Ensure that the alternative water source is potable.
  • Repair broken pipe to eliminate water from discharging unto ground.
  • Swing all the exit doors in the exit direction.
  • A sick bay needs to be established.
  • Shade is needed on the play area.
  • Increase the window space to 10% of the floor space.
  • Provide disposable hand towels, relocate play equipment to gain falling surface of 6 ft.
  • Collect all outstanding documents for the children (an immunization record. a medical certificate of health; a medication record and an illness record, a food and drug allergy record; an accident and incident report form; the names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons to be contacted in case of emergency; a listing of persons authorized to collect the child; an attendance record; an immunization record; a medical report; a written record for those with special dietary needs; and a photograph).
  • Ensure that hands are wash as recommended.
  • Store serving utensils in dust proof container.
  • Develop policy for reporting communicable diseases to the Local Health Authority.
  • Provide a complete first aid kit.
  • Ensure that illness and injury report logs are kept.
  • Ensure that the fire safety equipment are maintained annually.
  • Practice and record fire and earthquake drills.
  • Obtain OCR reporting forms.
  • Provide a log book for parents and staff to write suggestions or concerns;.
  • Conduct and record pre and post consultation meetings.
  • Obtain valid food handlers permit for three practitioners.
  • Job description is needed for two practitioners and two support staff.
  • Provide daily register for the students who are present.
  • Submit status letter indicting changes to enrollment and develop a fixed asset register.

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