May Pen Infant SchoolAddress: 5 Church Street, May Pen

Operator: Kim-Cay Brown

Telephone: 986-4740 / 575-4586


  • Police records are needed for 12 members of staff.
  • Medical certificates are needed for 5 staff members; one caregiver needs to be trained at the NCTVET NVQ-J LEVEL 1.
  • Paediatric training is needed for 1 practitioner (done August 2018 but no certificate on file), Public health training is needed for 15 teachers and OCR is needed for 13 teachers.
  • Additional teachers are needed to address practitioner: child ratio.
  • The five core learning centres are needed.
  • Two developmental toys (blocks, puzzles, trucks, dolls etc.) and additional books are needed.
  • Cleaning schedule for toys, play materials, bed linens is needed; display the children’s work at their eye level; document children’s accomplishments, progress and interest; obtain a no objection letter from the Municipal Corporation and the fire certificate from the Fire Department.
  • 10 additional fans are needed to address temperature issues.
  • Brighter bulbs are needed/ lower the bulbs to increase the light intensity in the classes and kitchen to 540 lux or above.
  • Additional space is needed in two of the three year old classes.
  • Repair leaking roof, repair ceiling damaged by water, clean the ceiling in the classes and repaint where necessary.
  • Repair holes in the flooring, swing all the exit door in the exit direction, place lids on all garbage bins.
  • Additional toilets and hand washing sinks are needed.
  • Rearrange the play equipment on the play area so as to have the 6ft. of falling surface.
  • Collect all outstanding documents for the children (medical certificate of health, illness record, medication record and photograph.
  • Document and report communicable diseases.
  • Obtain authorized medication form from parents.
  • Remove extension cord out of the reach of children.
  • Service all fire extinguishers annually.
  • Provide a log book that is accessible to the parents and employees to share observations, concerns and comments.
  • Valid food handler’s permits are needed for 10 members of staff; register needs to be available for all classes, obtain a valid permit to operate and ensure that a fixed asset is completed and available.

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