Holy Family Primary & Infant SchoolAddress: 9 Laws Street, Kingston

Operator: Charmaine Ferguson

Telephone: 922-7142/484-9574

Email: holyfamily.primary.kin@moey.gov.jm/chriss64@hotmail.comNEEDS:

  • Police records.
  • Medical certificate of health for all staff members (10).
  • Food handler’s permits for 7 staff members,
  • 3 additional staff members to improve pupil teacher ratio, OCR, PH and first aid training for 6 staff members.
  • Programme plans and appropriate schedule to be developed for each class.
  • Additional toys (65 pieces).
  • Anecdotal records to be developed for all classes.
  • Sleeping mats (10).
  • 12 wall fans.
  • 30 4 ft. bulbs.
  • Play equipment to facilitate outdoor play ( the principal has indicated that Digicel has signed of on a project to renovate the play area), all plans and policies to be developed, injury and illlness logs to be developed.
  • Consultation meetings to be scheduled.
  • Children’s files to be compiled.
  • Fire and Public Health inspections to be carried out,
  • Earthquake and fire drills to conducted and recorded.