Hayes Primary & Infant DepartmentAddress: Hayes P. O. 

Operator: Hughroy Blake

Telephone: 986-5570/369-6457

Email: hayes.primary.cla@moey.gov.jm/blakeroy3@gmail.comNEEDS:

  • Police records needed for nine practitioners and support staff.
  • Five Practitioners to be trained in paediatric first aid, four in OCR and five in public health.
  • Seven practitioners to complete medical.
  • Caregivers to suit teacher student ratio.
  • Practitioners to consistently complete Programme Plans –Weekly, daily activity plans, correct timetable emphasizing the daily activities for the entire week.
  • Practitioners to complete program plans, making them flexible relating to environmental changes and a variety of activities including: indoor and outdoor play.
  • Individual and group activities.
  • Quiet and active play.
  • Child centered and teacher directed activities.
  • Practitioners to complete weekly observations of the children’s progress.
  • Practitioners to record daily observations of the children’s interests, their daily experiences in their families, communities and cultures, and their likes and dislikes.
  • Conduct developmental reviews and record.
  • Develop rota for the cleaning of toys and of all items in the different areas.
  • Display Children’s work.
  • Print all 8 plans and policies.
  • Building approval from the Parish Council.
  • Attain self-sufficient status during operation hours.
  • Approval from fire department.
  • Sickbay to be established;6 4 ft bulbs to increase lighting.
  • Chlorine re-agent to make water potable.
  • Trees to create shade on playground.
  • Ramp and other facilities to cater to disability.
  • Label exits from the classroom areas;Relocate playground equipment to gain 6 ft falling surface.
  • Disposable towels in bathroom area.
  • Conduct and record earthquake and fire drills;Display emergency telephone numbers.
  • Electrical coverings for sockets in classroom.
  • Food handlers needed for 9 practitioners and support staff.
  • Update children’s files with the following: a food and drug allergy record; an accident and incident report form; the names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons to be contacted in case of emergency.
  • A listing of persons authorized to collect the child.
  • An attendance record.
  • An immunization record.
  • A medical report.
  • A written record for those with special dietary needs.
  • A photograph, current assessment reports and the child’s name, gender and date of birth.
  • Update personal files with the following: a job description, list of the person’s qualifications, a medical certificate of health, and a party to be notified in case of emergency single party to be notified in case of emergency.
  • Status letter re: reporting of new staff employment.
  • Complete fixed asset register;Update financial records.

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