Drews Avenue Primary & InfantAddress: 2 DrewsS Avenue Kingston 20

Operator: Sacheel Grant-Henry

Telephone: 934-5526/934-5316/887-0616

Email: drewsavenue@yahoo.comNEEDS:

  • Need 4 support staff to maintain ratio.
  • Need Municpal approval, P/H and Fire inspection.
  • 30 sleeping mats.
  • Review and refine areas of Standard 2.
  • Teachers need to maintain anecdotal records.
  • Need job descriptions.
  • All teachers need specific trainings.
  • All staff need Food Handler’s Permit, 12 staff need medical, police record, 2 job descriptions, emergency contact numbers on staff files.
  • All staff needs F/H permit.
  • Files need to be prepared for all students with all the necessary documents.
  • Appropriate storage needed for chemicals.
  • Wall fans in storage needs to be installed.
  • Incomplete First Aid Kit.
  • Plug covers needed.
  • 30 sleeping mats.
  • Additional pea gravel needed in play area.
  • 3 additional containers with covers needed for garbage storage.
  • Need to complete all plans and policies.
  • Plugs need to be covered.