Dear Parent,

Did you know that you can help to keep your child safe?

Here’s how!

  1. Know at all times where your children are!
  2. Take your small children to school. Do not ask strangers to drop them off.
  3. Do not leave your children alone at home or with persons with whom they are not comfortable, even if this is a family member.
  4. Instruct your child to walk and play in groups where they can be seen.
  5. Keep your children in sight while in public places.
  6. Listen to your children
  7. Avoid sending small children alone to the shop and the bar even when these places are nearby.
  8. Instruct your child to stay away from strangers. Do not go into their vehicle and do not take a ride from them even when they say that they know you.
  9. Teach your children what is right from what is wrong – this will help to keep them safe.
  10. Instruct your children not to follow their friends to strange places unsupervised.
  11. Know who your children’s friends are
  12. Instruct your children of all ages not to take free rides from strangers.